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Spirit Rescue International
Posted:11/9/2010  Submitted By: Medieval
Spirit Rescue International – worldwide professional non-profit paranormal entity clearing services – contact us at mail@spiritrescueinternational.com or go to our website. Take the first step towards genuine peace of mind! go to article >>


Mystery Of Dead Pulsar Light Solved
Posted:11/8/2010  Submitted By: Voyager70
Two years ago, a Dutch schoolteacher interested in astronomy accidentally came across a strange-looking object that has baffled professional astronomers ever since. go to article >>


Panasonic’s Hospital Delivery Robot To Begin New Trials In 2010
Posted:11/8/2010  Submitted By: thetimehuman
New trials for Panasonic’s Hospital Delivery Robot (HOSPI) are set to take place in January, 2011 at the Matsuhita Memorial Hospital in Japan. go to article >>


Incident at Exeter: The Norman Muscarello UFO Case
Posted:11/8/2010  Submitted By: Medieval
The encounters that night took special precedence over other UFO sightings because of the credibility of two Exeter police officers who also saw the UFO, as well as that of the dispatcher and supervising officer who first heard Muscarello’s account. go to article >>


If It Looks Like An Extinct Marine Reptile and It Quacks Like An Extinct Marine Reptile, It Must Be A Goat…?
Posted:11/7/2010  Submitted By: 7anthony
Following is a Pacific Northcoast Indigenous People’s artifact that the British Museum describes as having the head of a goat. .. there is a close resemblance in form to certain marine reptiles which were supposedly extinct millions of years before these artists came on the scene….. go to article >>


TV Superman George Reeves Still Haunts Home Where He Died
Posted:11/7/2010  Submitted By: Medieval
Over the years, occupants of the house have been plagued by not only the sound of a single gunshot that echoes in the darkness, but strange lights and even the apparition of George Reeves go to article >>


New Focus On Underground Himalayan Border Base Since Chinese UFO Flap
Posted:11/6/2010  Submitted By: Medieval
China and India both know about underground UFO base in the Himalayan border area deep into the tectonic plates go to article >>


Behnke’s Most Recent Blog Entry



Upon Which I Connect The Dots
Written By:Jeff Behnke
You paint dots over the surface of reality using your memories, drawing pictures in the jumbled mess by tracing from one focal center of the past to the next, looking for a larger picture in it all that expresses something about the nature of what you have just been through, something that expresses “you”. That picture says “This is my life. This drawing I made which connects all these things that has happened, this is me, so this is how I should function in the future.” But that picture you just painted of yourself through those people, places, and things that have occurred to you in the past—that picture is no different than a face you have simply imagined into the clouds. Clouds shift. Things change. go to article>>



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